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Yoga For Women

Run by Calm Frog Yoga and based at Becky Aston Physiotherapy in Berkhamsted, this is a menopause and pelvic floor informed yoga class exclusively for women of all ages.

Beginning 9th January 2023 and running in 6-week blocks. 

Book at https://www.beckyastonphysiotherapy.co.uk/ 

Terms and Conditions 

Our intention is to teach yoga to as many women as possible and make yoga accessible to all. However, a fair exchange for services is important and details are set out in the terms and conditions below.  

Should you wish to discuss any of the points set out please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Booking policy  

– Purchase is for the whole block only. Booking is essential and classes cannot be transferred between blocks.  There are no refunds for no-shows 

– Regular weekly classes run in six- or seven-week blocks.  

– To secure your place the whole block must be paid for in full at least one week before the start of the first class.  

– Missed classes cannot be refunded or carried forward to the next block  

– To ensure continuity please advise us if you are unable to attend a block of classes  

– Occasional workshops will require a deposit to secure booking  

– 1 to 1 and privately booked sessions must be paid before the start of practise  

– All fees are non-refundable  

– We reserve the right to change teachers at short notice as and when necessary  

– We are not responsible for any additional expenses which may be incurred including travel or accommodation and insurance where applicable  



– We cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred prior to class. 

– Whilst we will endeavour to keep all classes as safe as possible, all students are expected to practice yoga within their own capabilities and to accept responsibility for any injuries which are incurred during class. 

– All students are expected to declare any existing injuries and to sign a Health Disclaimer before participating in any classes or workshops. 

Class etiquette  

– We intend to create an inclusive and welcoming ambience in every class. All students are invited to respect one another in class. 

– Please try to be on time for class. If you are up to 5 minutes late, enter quietly to be considerate to other students. Entry to class will not be permitted if you are more than 10 minutes late. 

– Mobile phones should be on silent or switched off, not to vibrate. 

– Students are responsible for providing their own mats and any preferred equipment they need.  

– Comfort is key – your clothing should provide ease of movement but allow the teacher to see the outline of your body to ensure correct positions  

– There will be hands on adjustments throughout the class. If you prefer not to be adjusted, please advise the teacher at the beginning of the class  

– If you have any physical or emotional conditions which may impact your practise, then it is your responsibility to seek professional advice from a doctor prior to class and to discuss these issues with your teacher  

– All fitness activities carry a risk of injury and by taking part in practise you are assuming all responsibility for your own body and well-being and any consequences of your participation  


– Class credits are to be used within the block specified. Any unused credits cannot be reimbursed. 

– Class credits may only be used for the description of the classes they are linked to.  They cannot be used for any of the workshops. 

– In the unlikely event that we cancel a class during a block that you have paid for you will be offered a credit towards a class in the next block  

– We reserve the right to cancel any block of classes or workshops due to insufficient demand. In this case a full refund will be given  

– For 1-1 sessions, 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is required or a 50% fee will be charged 

– Cancellation of classes – a MINIMUM of 24 hours’ notice must be given for cancellation of a class. 

– Cancellation of workshops – Numbers are limited for workshops. If you need to cancel you must give as much notice as possible. If we can fill your place we will offer you a refund. You are welcome to fill your place too but your contact must complete a health questionnaire at least 48 hours before the workshop. 

– Cancellations of workshops more than 30 days before start date will receive a full refund less deposit and 10% administration fee  

– Cancellations of workshops less than 30 days before start date will only be refunded if the space is filled less deposit and 10% administration fee  


GDPR Statement 

GDPR Statement In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations, it is necessary for us to check whether or not you are happy for us to retain your contact details, and to send you information that we think may be useful to you, including training and events, and relevant updates. We only hold information when it is necessary to do so in order for us to carry out our work, and when you have given us permission to do so. To ensure that we only communicate with you in the manner of your preferred choice, please will you indicate in the Health Disclaimer form, your agreement, or otherwise, to the following means of communication. You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails from us at any time from following the link in any email from us. 

Your Data 

We will not sell your data or contact details to any third party. Your health information will be treated as confidential. You will be invited to join our email list of valued clients and we reserve the right to offer you services and events we think will suit you. You can opt out of receiving emails at any time. See GDPR statement above. 

We welcome any feedback and invite all students and clients to ask any questions in class or sessions or via email at any time. 

We reserve the right to add to and/ or amend these terms and conditions at any time. 

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